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M/s Vikas Industrial Park Pvt. Ltd. (VIPPL) is one of the leading infrastructure development Companies in India, having pioneered the development namely industrial parks, roads, smart city and many more. It has experience in design, planning, marketing, execution and project management of civil construction projects. The Company’s philosophy has been to identify high growth infrastructure projects and to successfully demonstrate its ability to execute world-class infrastructure projects in a time bound manner from conceptualization to commissioning.

VIPPL conceptualizes and initiates each infrastructure project & undertakes initial development works including securing of main approvals, conducting key studies, initiating project kick start works, finalization of strategic partners etc. and subsequent implementation through dedicated SPV.

VIPPL is developing a project of setting up Aerospace & Industrial Development Park along with a Power Project at Pannamparai Village, Sathankulam Taluq, Thoothukudi District of Tamilnadu State and this project is named as “Mega Integrated Industrial Park”. Tamilnadu state based organizations, Indian Power Projects Limited & Indian Integrated Energy Limited also associated with VIPPL, in developing this mega project.

This Park at Pannamparai village shall consists of:
• Power sector projects
• Aero Space Industries, Aviation Academy
• Assembly of smaller Air Crafts
• Custom Bonded Warehouse
• Renewable Energy Equipment Manufacturing Industries
• Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals Sector and
• Small Scale Industries, SMEs
• Health Care sector
• Residential Complex for employees
• Fertilizer Plant
• Logistic Park

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